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Friends of the Market House

The Friends of the Meadville Market House is a group that supports the Market House through event planning, landscaping and fundraising.  Members of the Friends uphold the following tenets in their recruitment and management of funds:


  • Preserve and promote the Meadville Market House and Market Place of the City of Meadville

  • Share the story of the Meadville Market House and Market Place to the public through various channels

  • Develop the site of the Meadville Market as a useful living memorial to the history of the area as well as a functioning aspect of Meadville’s culture and economy











The Friends of the Meadville Market House
thank you for your generous support.

Friends of the Market House

Friend ($15+)

Betsy Clark 
Bob Ackerman
Carol and Craig Powell
Claudia and Richard Gilliand
The Green Shoppe
Gretchen Meyers
Helen Archacki and Cynthia Stone
James and Geraldine Reichel
Jean Branstiter
Judy Hornstein
Lisbet Searle-White
Reese Campbell, Jr. 
Robin and Jim Coxson 
Rosemary Thomas
Shauna Bowen 
William and Kathleen Schenberg
William and Mary Dross
Zest Kitchen and Pantry

Good Egg ($50+)

Adam and Christin Smith
Alec and Brenda Chien
Alexis Hart
Amelia Carr
Andrew Walker
Cassandra Horn
Dan Schwartz
David and Marilyn Boyd
Ed and Doris Edinger
Ina Rae Beers
Jane Westenfeld
Jerry Troyer
Joe and Deb Zingaro 
John and Linda Guenther
John and Lucy Nesbitt
Judy Dasovich 
Julia Ludewig
Julie Wilson 
Marianne Woods
Michael and Kathleen Buzza
Nancy Shea
Paul Rudy
Paula Burleigh 
Renna Wrubleski
Ryan Pickering 
Sarah Stanger 
Sonny and Terri Kuehner
Tami Lakins
Taylor Hinton 
William and Yetivemari McComas

Honeybee ($150+)

Autumn Vogel 
Bob and Linda Gleeson
David Dawson
Devon Stout
Frank Richardson and Mary Wisgirda
Guy McUmber 
John and Christine Hays
Michael Williams
Michele Saccani 
Pat Conchie 
Pat Hipple
Phillip and Tracy Erdeljac
Richard and Phyllis Ackert
Shanna Hodgson 
Suzanne and Martin Malone
Tim and LuAnn Kirkpatrick
Wendy Kedzierski

Big Cheese ($500+)

Heather Rose Fish
Marquette Savings Bank
Robin Orttung 

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