We love our community partners


Click on many of the names below to learn about products sold in the Market House, the people and organizations that produce them, and why they are so great!


Adam Dean

Allen Yoder

Art Commission

Aunt Millie's Yak Signs

Beth Etter

Bugle Ridge Farm

Byler's Relish House

Carol Bauer

Cheree Frizzel

Christopher Hemlock

Colonel Crawford Chapter, Daughters of the

American Revolution

Conneaut Lake Bark Park

Conneautee Creamery, Showman Farms

Creative Crust

Creative Expressions of Art

Dan Neibauer

Dave Mosbacher

Dawna Teed

Deborah Lehman

Deborah Stefanucci

Denise Carone

Diane Frampton

Donald Valentine

Donna Donofrio

Dorothy Rhoades

Dylan Miller

Elaine McMahon

Eric Laughery

French Creek Valley Railroad Historical Society

Fresh From the Vines

Fresh Little Farm Girl

George P. Nowack

Green Irene Cleaning Products

Happy Mug Coffee Company

Heather Reichel

Herbs for Healthy Living

Janice Werneth

Jeanne Plementosh

Jerry Troyer

John's Bait

Joyce Aitkin

Jude Ongley

Karen Hoagland

Laban Kurtz

Linda Barnicott

Lorene Yoder

Loretta Buchmann

Lucas McConnel

M.J. Ervin

Manna Unlimited Bakery

Marge Geiger

Marcie's Homemade Ice Cream

Maria Firkaly

Mark Hulings

Market Authority Food Sales

Market Authority Souvineer Sales

Meadville Lions Club

Milky Way Meadow

Mollie Little

Nancy's Under the Steps

Nature's Sunshine

Nu-Way Farm

Old State Farms

Pine Run Farm

Project O.N.E.

Raup Fisheries

Rachael Groll

Randy Byham

Rebecca Schellhaas

Rebecca Vines

Restoration Herbs

Robert Yoder

Roman Yoder

Rosemary Hunt

Ross Vogel

Ruby Yoder

Sadie Yoder

Sam Reese

Sandy's Art Works

Save Room for Dessert

Shan Butler

Sharla Buzzard

Sharna Harger

Shirley Schlosser

SJ Wholesome Foods

Steve Rider

Sunny Meadow Farm

Susanne Lindquist

T. Allan Kirk

Tamarack Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Center

Teki's Tasty Treats

Temple Family Farm

Terry Werneth

Thurston Classic

Tina Baney

Tradewind Imports

Victoria Norvaisa

Vincent Harris

Voriseks Backyard Bees

Wendy Neckers

Wesley Martin

Wooden Nickel Buffalo Farm