Nutrition Education Certificate Program 

Are you fed up with all the unhealthy foods dominating restaurant menus, packaged foods, and even the aisles of your grocery store? Do you often find yourself wishing you would eat healthier, but feel as though you don’t have the time or knowledge to do so? If so, then the Nutrition Education Certificate Program is for you!



Learn how to prepare healthy, tasty, and nutritious meals alongside fellow community members in our Back to Basics cooking classes at the Market House. Challenge yourself to complete the Nutrition Education Certificate Program by partaking in ten Back to Basics cooking classes throughout the year! Not only will you gain valuable knowledge on how to prepare healthy meals and the comradery of other community members, but you will also earn an official certificate and a free slow cooker to acknowledge your dedication to eating nutritiously!

Click here to learn more about our Back to Basics cooking classes and how to sign up!

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