Friends of the Market House

The Friends of the Meadville Market House is a not-for-profit group that supports the Market House through event planning, landscaping and fund-raising.  Members of the Friends uphold the following tenets in their recruitment and management of funds:


  • Preserve and promote the Meadville Market House and Market Place of the City of Meadville

  • Share the story of the Meadville Market House and Market Place to the public through various channels

  • Develop the site of the Meadville Market as a useful living memorial to the history of the area as well as a functioning aspect of Meadville’s culture and economy

Want to support the friends?

Joining is easy. Simply fill out the form below, detach, and mail to:


Friends of Meadville Market House

Attn: Membership

910 Market Street

Meadville, PA  16335-3319


If you want to give but don’t have the time, please fill out the form below, and send your donation to:


Friends of Meadville Market House

Attn: Support

910 Market Street

Meadville, PA  16335-3319


Please include your name, address, phone number, and any comments you may have!






















The Friends of the Meadville Market House
thank you for your generous support.

Friend ($15+)

Kerstin & Mark Ams
Elizabeth & Bruce Angstadt
Brittany Brock
Mary Burkett
Nicholas Burt
Robin & Jim Coxson
Karen & Val Eiler
Mrs. J. E. Ellis
Blair & Mark Erdeljac
Matt Ferrence
Stephanie Franz and Mark Wright
Frank Germick & Holly Hunger
Stepheny Groshner
Emma Highland
Shanna & Rob Hodgson
Barbara Horst
Adrienne Krone
Sandy & Wayne Kurt
Barbara Lamson

Angie Lewis
Gene & Elizabeth Litke
Judith & Ronald Martin
Peggy Mogush
Lori O’Laughlin
Ryan Pickering
Mark & Susan Richmond
Stuart & Kathleen Rothman
Lee Scandinaro
Tracy Scott & Mick Stabile
William & Kathleen Schenberg
Melissa & Matthew Shimek
Jeanne Stearns
Devon Stout & Lauren French Stout
Sara Vernier
Clyde & Marie Walton
Tarah Williams
Julie Wilson
Kathleen Winans

Good Egg ($50+)

Charles & Ruth Anderson

Karen Barnard

Richard & Virginia Burkhardt

Kathy & Mike Buzza

Corinne & Rich Chafey

Alec & Brenda Chien

Harald Ellers & Tami Lakins

Phillip & Tracy Erdeljac

Agnes Folmer

Adrienne Geddes

Amara Geffen & Jed Miller

John & Linda Guenther

Richard & Barbara Haskins

Laura Heeschen & Brian Hill

Jennifer Hellwarth & Josh Searle-White

Patricia & Jack Hipple

Anthony Jantosik

Carole & John Jones

John Koehler & Patricia Smith

Scott & Joyce Ladner

Sylvia & Dennis Livi

Barbara Lodge

Doug Lodge & Charmaine Koehler Lodge

Brooke Martin & Andy Walker

Richard & Sharon Mason

Michael McGrath & Alice Deckert

David Miller & Charlotte Wellman

Joyce Minnis

Michael & Corinna Moore

Barb Newcamp & George Stabile

Zane & Shirley Nossokoff

Fran Orfino & Glen Wurst

Dennis & Linda Patton

James & Marie Rozakis

Dale & Arlene Santner

Alice & Scott Sjolander

Kathryn Stout

Christopher & Charlotte Thomas

Margie Thompson

Jenny Tompkins & Bennett Gould

C. Reed Trimble

Jerome Troyer 

Donald & MaryAnn Vrabel

Jane Westenfeld

Roger Willis & Christine Norwood

Honeybee ($150+)

Lois Allegretti & Beverly Rappa
June Allen
Robert & Patricia Bailey
Joyce Bullis
James Bulman & Beth Watkins
Stephen Davies
Doris Foster
Dennis Frampton
Ricardo & Jane Gilson

Linda Gleeson
Judith Heeschen
John Nesbitt
Suzanne & Martin Malone
Meadville Lions Club
Linda Peters
Paul Rudy

Emil & Kathy Spadafore
Wagner Bookkeeping
Will Maitland Weiss

Big Cheese ($500+)

Elizabeth Weiss Ozorak

Takes the Cake ($1000+)

James Lang

Cream of the Crop