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Back to Basics

Cooking classes for healthful living

Join the movement for local and healthful eating by attending cooking classes at the Market House, or volunteer to teach one!


Learn to cook an exciting, nutritive meal, then enjoy it with friends!


Keep an eye out for Facebook events from The Market House's page!


At Back to Basics, community members gather 'round kitchens throughout Meadville to create a meal that's delicous and nutritious, and then gather 'round the table to enjoy it together.

Volunteers from different backgrounds dedicate their evenings to promoting healthful meals that taste good, too. Many of our volunteers know a thing or two about health, so you can learn the ins and outs of nutritive foods while making something your palate will thank you for. Click here to read more about some of our volunteer chefs!


Back to Basics is a collaborative program that functions on a $20 registration fee per person. This fee covers all the ingredients and cooking supplies you may need, as well as providing funds for future classes and the other aspects of Project ONE.


Sign up for a Back to Basics cooking class, and you'll learn how to make all sorts of meals: From gluten-free to meatless, and cupboard must-haves like bread and yogurt to the delicacies of the world-- you are sure to learn something new, and have a great time doing it.

Summer Classes 2017 


Classes will be held on Mondays from 6pm-8pm on the following dates:


June 19th

June 26th

July 10th

July 17th

July 24th

Click here to sign up for one of our summer classes now!

What we've been up to!


July 24th: Turkish Cuisine


The class enjoyed a hearty meal as Irem Kurtsal shared the delicious recipes she learned from her mother while growing up in Turkey. The class made orzo pilaf, red lentil soup, cooked eggplant salad, zucchini fritters with yogurt dressing, and sweet onion and tomato salad! 

July 17th: Summer "Vegetable" Pasta

Certified Nutrition Therapy Practitioner Blair Erdeljac proved to the class that vegetables can be fun with her tasty summer "pasta" with vegetable crafted noodles. In addition, the class learned how to make deliciously sweet blueberry lavender ice-cream. Yum!

July 10th: No-knead bread

The class overcame the need to knead with Alice Sjolander's quick and easy no-knead bread recipe. The class enjoyed delicious no-knead bread, pitas, and a freshly made bruschetta topping. 

June 26th: Indian Summer Salads

Uma Pansari shared the recipe for her flavorful and vegetarian summer salads. The most popular dish of the night's meal was the tasty carrot salad, which reminded us all just has delicious a healthy salad can be! The class enjoyed a refreshing mango beverage as well. 

June 19th: Summer Indian Cuisine

Ellen Byham taught the class how to prepare a nutritious and delicious  summer Indian cuisine. The meal consisted of channa chaat pita pockets, cucumber yogurt dressing, watermelon dosa, homemade chat masala, and a refreshing fruit drink. 

APR: Colorful Indian Cooking

Ellen Byham instructed the hungry participants how to create a delicious, vibrant, and vegetarian Indian dinner. The meal consisted of veggie dahi, spicy beets and cauliflower, a lemon-lime refreshment, and a basic garam masala blending demonstration.

MAR 27th: Knife Skills

David Dawson taught a class on basic knife care and usage techniques such as chiffonade, mince, dice, and julienne.

Together the class cooked a perfectly spiced vegetarian stir-fry with coconut rice, and garlic and ginger broccoli.

FEB 20th: Introduction to Korean Cooking

Emily Rahravan, a student at Allegheny College, taught participants how to make their own kimchi, a Korean stable. She used vegetables and spices to whip up a classic and quick dish, Bibimbap.


DEC 5th @ 6pm: a Traditional Indian Dinner

Uma Pansari and her mother taught community members how to use traditional Indian spices and ingredients to create a quick, simple, and delicious meal for an entire family.


APRIL 13, @ 6:15 p.m.: Chicken Stir-Fry


Eating healthy supports local revenue and encourages your

mood- because if your body is happy, healthy, and strong,

you feel good and you look good. You're then encouraged to

sustain this emotion, so come enjoy a simple and delicious meal

to start you on your way!


Sponsored by 1776 Bar & Grille: Local chef Ricky Jefferson

United Way, 415 Chestnut St.







APRIL 20: Mastering the Art of Thin-Crust Pizza at Home


Unlike fast food pizza, real artisan-style pizza is both healthy

and inexpensive.  The course will include instructions and tips for

mastering both a quick from-scratch dough, as well as a

two-day sourdough.

Toppings will include local and seasonal ingredients.


Christopher Bakken, Professor of English at Allegheny College

United Way, 415 Chestnut St.









APRIL 27: Gluten-Free Pan-seared Eggplant Steak Dinner


A vegetarian meal including gluten-free breadcrumbs and a

light yellow curry, with a side of chickpeas and kidney beans,

and an agave-glazed sweet carrot casserole.


Diva Chef Shan, founder of Ocean's Cafe

United Way, 415 Chestnut St.







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