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Beelzebub's Salsa

Eric Laughery

Cambridge Springs, PA


Our commercial kitchen is located in Cambridge Springs.  The Meadville Market House and the farmers market is definitely the home for the salsa. We also sell in other locations in Crawford & Erie county and Pittsburgh. Our new location starting this month at Allegheny college inside McKinley's @ the cantina bar.


What makes Beelzebub's Salsa so special?


We have 7 fresh salsas all year around (medium, original, inferno, pineapple, bean & corn, garlic & lime, chipotle garlic) plus seasonal releases (strawberry, peach mango, Verde, cranberry, habanero) and just this year cold packed spicy pickles....more pickle flavors coming soon!


We use no preservatives, all natural fresh ingredients! When possible we network with local farmers as much as possible and even grow some of our own ingredients.


How/why did you begin doing what you do?


I never planned on having a business. I always had gardens for fun (especially exotic hot peppers from all around the world)  Seven years ago, I started making a simple salsa from my garden harvest...folks started to request/buy it - which ended up becoming my "original" flavor. After several years of accumulating a strange underground circuit of salsa customers, I deiced to get my food licenses and make it legal to collect all this!

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